Who we are

Cafaro Aviation, founded in 2016 by Chris Cafaro, is a family / Disabled Veteran owned and operated solution to all of your Experimental, Light Sport & Homebuilt inspection, repair, and maintenance needs.

Chris has been in love with everything aviation since as early as he can remember.  His Father, Tony, was a private pilot, home builder, and aircraft restoration lover, himself.  Instilling it in his son at 3 days old, in his Mother, June's lap on his first airplane ride in their Piper Tri-Pacer in 1978.

Tony made it into the Guinness Book of World Records in 1988 flying a Skycycle Ultralight non-stop for 7 hours and 31 minutes.  The garage rarely had cars in it, just airplane projects.

Chris graduated high-school and went on to serve 4 years in the US Army as a Bradley Crewman (Air Defense) before becoming a civilian and joining the work force as a Deputy Clerk in the Superior Court of California for 12 years.  He decided that going into the California Army National Guard would be an interesting change and upon doing so he found the desperate need for Mechanics and the Guard needed A&P's for it's new UH-72A Lakota.

Using his experience as a young man working on aircraft he then added his service to it and became an A&P in 2012.  During this time he has ran a flight school for the US Air Force, worked on a myriad of aircraft (fixed and rotary) while employed by Air Methods @ Stanford University in California, and several other notable employers.  Having had the honor of working with some of the aviation maintenance greats in the region, he would like to think that he's learned some lessons that are hard to come buy from some of the men that have held the aviation world together on the West Coast.  For that, he is not only grateful, but determined to pass those lessons on, right along with the mentalities that he's been taught to hold dear when it comes to keeping aircraft safe and reliable.

Chris became a UAS (drone) enthusiast and went on to design, build, and operate UAS capable of lifting and carrying over a thousand pounds when no one else seemed to be able to accomplish that task.  Working with entities like NASA and the USDA, he became extremely knowledgeable and an industry resource.  With 15 years of UAS and RC experience in its pocket, Cafaro Aviation has become a resource for consulting, maintenance, and design for the UAS world, as well.

Chris has experience in Cessna, Beechcraft, King-Air, Piper, Airbus, Bell, Sikorsky, Pratt & Whitney,  Just Aircraft, Various AG aircraft and many other platforms to name a few.  As a  Glasair II owner, Chris has also became a helpful resource for the Glasair Community, as well as the Experimental and Homebuilt worlds.

Reach out to us.  We look forward to keeping you safe and flying!

Tony and his boys at D79

Tony Cafaro and his Volmer-Jensen Sea Plane

Chris and Shannon as the L-16 came together